Fall is Approaching!

With fall just around the corner it’s starting to seem like September is the new January. We celebrate this new year not by staying up late, but by going to bed early. Today, most families  think of new beginnings in the fall more than in the middle of winter because the students see this new chapter with new teachers, classes, school supplies, clothes, shoes, and of course hair cuts! Perhaps it is a new job or the first time a loved one is not going to be attending classes this fall. It makes one think, why wait until January to have a resolution? Why not celebrate this new season with a gift that one can cherish and remember this new chapter in 2012? Whether it’s hand made pottery, jewelry, hand blown glass, or even furniture, no matter the gift, it will certainly carry meaning and inspiration into the new chapter of life. You never know what the thoughtful gesture will set in motion for the upcoming year. Go ahead! Give. Get yourself a gift, and with it set goals and don’t wait to make resolutions!