Artist – John Bigelow


Allow us to introduce you to John Bigelow, an artist who loves to tell stories through his unique metal sculptures. For more than 30 years, John Bigelow has earned his living as an artist and craftsman selling his work not only in his own stores, but in shops and galleries from Maine to Florida. He says that one of the most difficult tasks is finding “special stones” to use in his sterling pieces. “A special stone is one that has a story to tell. We are all created unique individuals. I try to find that uniqueness, that story, in the stone and set it in a way that tells the story to others.” Along with making jewelry, John also delights in making unique metal sculptures which he calls Memory Trees. John is located in Mt. Pleasant, NC.

Next time you’re in the gallery take time to see (and read) the story told by his beautifully crafted trees. Whether there is a tiny kite in the tall branches, steps leading up to the tree house, or a single leaf on the limb, there is much to discover by appreciating the work of John Bigelow.